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A very unique, professional service that we offer is the restoration of old/damaged/discoloured photographs.

We use traditional skills combined with the latest digital technology.

Restorations are dealt with attention to detail and the utmost care, as we understand how sentimental your original photographs are. One of our professionals will see your order through start to finish - making sure everything is exactly as discussed. 

Over the years we have provided our clients with thousands of their precious photographs bought 'back to life' for future generations to enjoy. 


See below for image restoration pricing and service time info.

Prices depend on the extent of the damage. It is extremely difficult, if not impossible to quote a price for a restoration job without seeing the original.
Please bring your original photograph(s) into the Studio to discuss your options and receive a free estimate.

If you have more than one copy of the image you would like to restore, please bring them all in for us to see - no matter how big or small.

Frames are not included, however we do offer a professional framing service as an add-on option.

Please call the Studio to make an appointment beforehand. 

1-5 weeks - depending on the extent of damage.

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"I had a treasured family photo from 1900 (which my mum had in her front room) that was sun faded at the edges. I didn't want to be responsible for it's demise, so took it to Verdi's to have it restored. They were very patient and could see my dilemma.
They copied and skilfully restored the faded areas. I was grateful for the advice to change the frame too as mould spores were engrained in it.
I took in a sample of my lounge wallpaper, and Parm tested many shades of paint to get it just right, so I now have a lovely poppy red, handmade frame to show it off!
Thank you Parm and Kirsty!"


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