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This dedicated service is perfectly suited for artists that need their original art-work photographed for reproduction purposes, or artists that would like to obtain a professional, high resolution image of their art-work for their records.

As well as providing the high resolution digital images, we also offer the option to professionally print your art-work if you wish. 

See a small gallery below, followed by information about how it works.

As with any type of Studio Session, you must book in advance.

Prior to booking in your session we ask you to schedule a consultation with us. Your consultation will last a maximum of 20 minutes; we discuss exactly what you want to achieve from you shoot, and ask all the relevant questions.
All you need to bring is one piece of your art. We like to see a piece before the shoot so we can ensure all of the correct equipment is in the Studio for your shoot, gauge how much time we will need on the shoot day, and much more.

Within 48 hours after your consultation your photographer, Kirsty will email a quote for your job. 

Each piece will be photographed at maximum resolution, with intention to reproduce.

Extra care is taken to ensure perspective, tones, colours, brightness, contrast are as close to 100% accurate as possible. 

You are more than welcome to stay for the duration of the shoot, however we find that most clients prefer to drop the art-work in to the Studio within the 24 hours before the shoot, let us do our thing, then collect it within 24 hours after the shoot.

Please note - for any painted pieces, your art must be completely dry, flat, and finished on the day of the shoot.


We perfect each image individually, then transfer them to you via a secure file transfer service.


Pricing for this service is bespoke to each client, and will be emailed to you post-consultation.

The quote you receive will include absolutely everything: the time in the Studio, editing/retouching if needed, all of the finished digital images - there are no hidden/additional costs.

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"I looked at numerous quotes for corporate headshots but Verdi Studios stood out as the most professional by far!
Excellent communication and they give you all of the information you need right from the get go. Kirsty has exceptional people skills and really makes you feel comfortable. It was an entirely enjoyable experience that we would be happy to recommend to anyone!"


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